Meet The Disney DINKs

Julie and Andrew are two DINKs (stands for Dual-Income, No Kids household), living with their fur babies in Maryland. They have many passions in life and a big shared one is a love for all things Disney. They travel to the World often and venture to other Disney inspired spots (California, Hawaii, etc.). Julie and Andrew were married in Walt Disney World in 2008 and followed that up with a Disneymoon Cruise. They enjoy training for RunDisney events and kicking back with Disney movies. Andrew enjoys reading about Disney history and Julie enjoys Disney inspired art and style. While browsing the web, they found mostly children centric blogs and saw an opportunity to talk about fun Disney stuff for an adult audience. This blog is intended to share cool stories about their life together with a lot of pixie dust sprinkled in along the way. They hope to provide tips and discussions on how Disney fans that are young at heart can enjoy the magic.

About Julie

Julie was an army brat born in the Netherlands and grew up all over the US. She eventually settled in Maryland and went to school at Towson University where she studied design and advertising. She is an award-winning graphic designer who currently runs her own company JK Creative. She loves keeping busy with D.I.Y. projects, traveling near and far, keeping active and hanging out with friends. She is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers, loves figuring out a creative recipe and reading when she finds time.

About Andrew

Andrew was born in Ohio and grew up in Maryland and was heavily involved with playing sports. He attended Salem University in West Virginia to become a pilot and get a degree in Aviation Management. He currently works with the FAA in Washington DC and recently received his Masters Degree. Andrew is a pilot and loves flying whenever he can. In his free time he also enjoys golfing, biking and watching sports, especially golf, Orioles baseball, and Ohio State football

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Topics they love to talk about: